Washington Men's Rowing Dominates 38th Annual Windermere Cup, Secures 28th Title

Washington Men's Rowing Dominates 38th Annual Windermere Cup, Secures 28th Title

The No. 2-ranked Washington men's rowing team showcased their prowess once again, clinching their 28th Windermere Cup in style. Battling crews from the Italian National Team and Wisconsin, the Huskies left no doubt about their dominance in the 38th annual Windermere Cup / Opening Day Regatta held Saturday on Montlake Cut.

A sea of spectators, blessed with fair weather, witnessed a spectacle of rowing excellence as the Huskies powered through a challenging course. From masters to juniors and collegiate races, the event offered a feast for rowing enthusiasts.

In a climactic showdown, the Huskies' varsity eight displayed their mettle against formidable opponents. Racing against a seasoned Italian crew and the varsity eight from Wisconsin, Washington's athletes surged ahead, clinching victory with a remarkable time of 5:45.830. Crossing the finish line with roughly two lengths of open water ahead of their closest rival, the Italian eight, the Huskies proved their mettle once again.

Reflecting on the electrifying victory, UW varsity stroke Max Heid expressed his awe and gratitude, emphasizing the significance of the moment. "Watching this since I was a little kid, it's kind of crazy having this one last experience now," said Heid. "Especially in that stroke seat of that varsity eight the last time down the course. It was thrilling."

The resounding support from the crowd did not go unnoticed by UW men's head coach Michael Callahan, who lauded the turnout as one of the largest he's seen in years. "What a crowd," exclaimed Callahan, acknowledging the fervent support from the local community. "Seattle came out for this."

Adding to the event's allure, six cast members from the acclaimed film "The Boys In The Boat" graced the occasion, lending an air of nostalgia and celebration to the races. Based on the inspiring tale of UW's 1936 men's crew, the presence of these actors further elevated the significance of the Windermere Cup.

Beyond their triumph in the Windermere Cup, Washington's dominance was evident across multiple races. Securing the Erickson Cascade Cup and clinching victories in the second varsity eight race and the third varsity eight/freshman eight race, the Huskies showcased their depth and resilience.

Looking ahead, the Huskies are poised for further glory as they gear up for the final Pac-12 Championships and the IRA National Championship Regatta. With their sights set on continued success, Washington's men's rowing team epitomizes excellence and resilience in the world of collegiate athletics.
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