Men's Quadruple Sculls Set to Thrill in Lucerne Showdown!

Men's Quadruple Sculls Set to Thrill in Lucerne Showdown!

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled battle as the men's quadruple sculls event gears up to electrify the waters of Lucerne! With a lineup of powerhouse crews, this race is shaping up to be one of the most competitive of all the men's events. Let's dive into the lineup of contenders:

1️⃣ China's Marginal Favorites: Keep an eye on China with Liang Zhang, Zhiyu Liu, Xudi Yi, and Sultan Adilijiang leading the charge. With Olympic bronze medallists and world champions in their ranks, they're poised to make a splash and contend for the top spot.

2️⃣ Australia's Strong Comeback: Jack Cleary, Caleb Antill, Campbell Watts, and Alexander Rossi form a talented and experienced crew ready to prove themselves after narrowly missing out on Olympic qualification last season. With a fifth-place finish at the opening World Cup, they're ones to watch out for.

3️⃣ Estonia's Seasoned Athletes: Allar Raja and Tonu Endrekson bring over 20 years of international experience to the table, leading Estonia's charge for Olympic qualification alongside Mikhail Kushteyn and Johann Poolak. With a sixth-place finish at the European championships, they're hungry for more.

4️⃣ Ukraine's Determined Crew: Sergi Gryn, Olexandr Nadtoka, Ivan Dovhodko, and Mykola Mazur are ready to make waves after narrowly missing out on top finishes in previous competitions. With a new lineup and renewed determination, they're aiming for Olympic qualification.

5️⃣ Norway's Olympians: Kristoffer Brun, Jan Helvig, Erik Solbakken, and Jonas Juel form a formidable crew with a mix of Olympic experience and talent. With a completely different lineup for the FOQR, they're prepared to showcase their skills on the international stage.

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