Lucerne Sets Sights on Hosting 2027 World Rowing Championships

Lucerne Sets Sights on Hosting 2027 World Rowing Championships

Lucerne is gearing up to bid for the honor of hosting the 2027 World Rowing Championships, with plans underway for a grand sporting spectacle on the iconic Rotsee and throughout the city. Talks have commenced, involving stakeholders ranging from hospitality to tourism, as Lucerne vies to become the epicenter of rowing excellence once again.

The Lucerne Regatta Association, in collaboration with the Swiss Rowing Federation, announced on Monday their intention to submit a bid to the World Rowing Federation in June. If successful, this would mark the fifth occasion Lucerne has welcomed the world's finest rowers to its picturesque shores. The first instance dates back to 1962, with the most recent occurrence in 2001.

It's an ambitious endeavor, particularly given the relatively short lead time. National rowing federations are set to make their decisions in November of this year regarding Lucerne 's bid. The World Championships are scheduled for the second half of August 2027. Nevertheless, confidence abounds within the organizing committee. Andreas Bucher, President of the Lucerne Regatta Association, expressed optimism, stating, "Following the successful hosting of the 2019 European Championships, the professionalization of our organizational structure with the appointment of Timon Wernas as Managing Director, and the inclusion of Para events this year, we are well-prepared for this next step."

The significance of the World Championships is further heightened as they serve as a pivotal qualifier for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with a substantial portion of the coveted slots up for grabs during the event.

Lucerne 's bid not only represents a celebration of sport but also an opportunity to showcase the city's hospitality, stunning scenery, and organizational prowess on the global stage. With the Rotsee poised to once again echo with the oarsmanship of the world's elite, Lucerne  eagerly awaits the verdict, aspiring to add another illustrious chapter to its rich rowing history.

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