Czech Republic and Great Britain Secure Olympic Spots in Thrilling Women’s Double Final at Lucerne

Czech Republic and Great Britain Secure Olympic Spots in Thrilling Women’s Double Final at Lucerne

In a heart-pounding final at the Olympic qualification regatta in Lucerne, the women’s double event witnessed a showdown of determination and skill, culminating in Czech Republic and Great Britain securing their places at Paris 2024. The race, filled with suspense and fierce competition, showcased the unwavering commitment of the athletes as they battled for Olympic qualification.

Czechia's Determination Pays Off

Anna Santruckova and Lenka Luksova of Czechia demonstrated their determination and skill from the outset, maintaining a strong performance throughout the race. Their outstanding European Championships performance set the stage for their triumph in Lucerne, where they crossed the finish line with a time of 07:02.94. The duo's relentless pursuit of excellence earned them a well-deserved spot in the Olympic Games, marking a significant achievement for Czech rowing.

Great Britain's Resurgence in the Women’s Double

Mathilda Hodgkins-Byrne and Becky Wilde represented Great Britain with determination and promise, aiming to revitalize the nation's presence in the A-Finals. Their cohesive partnership and promising start propelled them to a second-place finish with a time of 07:03.43. This resurgence in the women’s double event signals a return to contention for medals for Great Britain, as they secure their spot at Paris 2024.

Germany's Bronze Medalists Fall Short

Frauke Hundeling and Sarah Wibberenz of Germany, fresh from their bronze medal at the Varese World Cup, entered the regatta with high hopes of securing Olympic qualification. However, despite their best efforts, they finished third with a time of 07:07.43, narrowly missing out on the top two spots. Despite the disappointment, their bronze medal at Varese and competitive spirit underscore their potential in international rowing.

South Africa's Rising Stars Shine

Paige Badenhorst and Katherine Williams of South Africa showcased their rising talent and determination as they vied for an Olympic spot. Their historic bronze medal last season fueled their hunger for success, driving them to a fourth-place finish with a time of 07:08.60. While they narrowly missed out on qualification, their performance signals a bright future for South African rowing.

Switzerland and Poland Face Challenges

Nina Wettstein and Jeanine Gmelin of Switzerland, along with Jessika Sobocinska and Zuzanna Jasinska of Poland, faced formidable competition in the women’s double event. Despite their talents and efforts, they finished fifth and sixth, respectively, with times of 07:11.96 and 07:18.52. While they did not secure Olympic qualification, their determination and resilience set the stage for future challenges in international rowing.


The women’s double final at Lucerne was a thrilling display of determination, skill, and competition, with Czech Republic and Great Britain emerging victorious and securing their spots at the Paris 2024 Olympics. As these athletes prepare to represent their nations on the Olympic stage, their performances in Lucerne serve as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in rowing.

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