Cambridge win the 78th Women´s and 169th Men´s Boat Races in dominant style

Cambridge win the 78th Women´s and 169th Men´s Boat Races in dominant style

Under the radiant sun along the Thames, the 2024 Oxford and Cambridge Gemini Boat Race unfolded with spectacular performances and fierce competition. It was undeniably a Light Blue tide, as Cambridge secured victories in the Women’s Blue boat and both Men’s races, while Oxford’s Osiris team claimed a win in the Women’s reserve race.The

78th Women’s Boat Race

The Women’s Boat Race promised excitement, and it certainly delivered. Despite Oxford’s early lead past Craven Cottage, Cambridge showcased resilience and strategic prowess. Cox Hannah Murphy navigated her team past challenges, with Oxford’s attempts to regain momentum falling short. Murphy reflected on the intense race, stating, “We found a really solid rhythm... never think that you know what’s coming!”


The 169th Men’s Boat Race

In the Men’s Boat Race, Cambridge’s performance was nothing short of exceptional. Despite Oxford being tipped as favorites, Cambridge’s president Seb Benzecry celebrated his third victory as a Cambridge Blue. The race saw Cambridge maintaining control, with Oxford’s efforts to catch up proving insufficient. Matt Edge’s incredible effort in the first half of the race set the tone for Cambridge’s triumph, leaving Oxford trailing by 3 and a half lengths at the finish.

Benzecry expressed his pride in the team, stating, “I know the calibre of guys that they had, so to come into the race and feel like we were in control so early was an amazing feeling.”As the boats crossed the finish line and celebrations ensued, it was evident that Cambridge’s victories were the result of dedication, teamwork, and exceptional skill. Congratulations to Cambridge on their remarkable performance at this year’s Boat Race! 

Photo Credit: The Boat Race Company/Row360.

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