Cambridge dominates the 169th Boat Race with seven rowers only

Cambridge dominates the 169th Boat Race with seven rowers only

The 169th Boat Race has rewritten history in ways no one could have anticipated. In nearly 200 years of the event, never have seven men clinched a Boat Race victory—until now.

Cambridge showcased an unmatched dominance this year, leaving spectators in awe. However, the race wasn’t without its drama. Just minutes before the finish line, Cambridge’s stroke man, Matt Edge, collapsed. Whether due to health issues or exhaustion remains uncertain. Losing control of his oar and almost ceasing to row, Edge’s struggle mirrored a past incident involving German rower Sebastian Mayer.Yet, Oxford’s performance was so surprisingly lackluster that even this extraordinary event couldn’t tip the scales. With all seven rowers still paddling, Cambridge surged ahead to claim victory—a first in Boat Race history.The aftermath for Oxford looks grim. Post-Easter, it’s likely that their coaching staff will face termination, given the magnitude of this defeat. 

  Jelmer Bennema, Harry Glenister, Saxon Stacey, James Doran, Elias Kun, Frederick Roper, Leonard Jenkins, Elliot Kemp, William Denegri (cox).


Sebastian Benzecry, Noam Mouelle, Thomas Marsh, Augustus John, Kenneth Coplan, Thomas Lynch, Luca Ferraro, Matt Edge, Ed Bracey (cox)

Photo Credit: The Boat Race Company/Row360.

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